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About The College

The T.S.R. & E.R.R. College was established in Pamarru in 1984 with the initiative of the then Chief Minister Dr N.T.Rama Rao – since it is  nearby to his native village, Nimmakuru.   He has affinity for the place and also a strong desire for the  creation of Higher Education facility  to the poor students around the place.

The village Pamarru, was a rural place with a population of around 50,000 with many villages around.   To-day it is a Mandal Head Quarters as well as Assembly Constituency Head Quarters.  It is strategically located on the cross roads to Vijayawada- Machilipatnam and Gudivada and Repalle.

The College is located in a corner of the village – away from the traffic buzzing, and other sounds of the village.  It has a serene and calm atmosphere situated amidst good greenery of trees and plants.

Established in Jr College premises in 1984,  an Advocate of Gudivada Sri T Siva Prasada Rao and a Doctor Dr. E. Radhakrishna Rao – have donated Rs 2.50 lakhs each  in 1989 – and Government has released a matching grant of Rs 5.00 lakhs  for construction of  own buildings for the College building with 12 rooms.
In the name of the Donors, the College was named as T.S.R. and E.R.R. Govt. Degree College vide GO Rt. No 105 dt.24.1.1992.   

As has been visualized by the promoters, the College is catering to the needs of the rural poor students, who cannot afford to go out for their higher studies.  Now, sufficient   infrastructure is mobilized; and well qualified and experienced faculty is existing in the college – to impart quality education to the students.

Sraddhaavan Labhathe Gnaanam’

Sraddha is the first step in one's search for Knowledge.   In the fourth chapter of the   Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna says,

"shraddhavan labhate jnanam’,  ie

One with shraddha gains knowledge.
Shraddha is like a stepping stone to gain knowledge.
Shraddha is indispensable, because without it, knowledge will forever be beyond one’s grasp.


The vision of the College is to equip the students of the College with right knowledge, skill and attitudes to meet the Present day challenges of the competitive world and prepare them to hold Cultural and Traditional values and to become meaningful individual useful to the society. 


“Propagation of quality education to the  students to develop their personality, to improve quality of life and to make them worthy citizens.”   Mostly the students of this area are with remote rural background, requiring all round development - academically, socially and psychologically.   The mission is intended to achieve this goal.


                                                          To provide value based education for the overall development of the students        
To  make them worthy citizens of the country.
To provide facilities to women students and differently–abled students.
To lay emphasis on skills required for employment and ermpowerment of the  students.


  • To enhance quality Education by adopting advanced   methodology of teaching      &learning
  • To offer under graduate programs in Commerce and Arts.
  • To cater to the higher Education needs of poor and marginalized sections of the society.
  • To encourage sound attitudes of responsibility, sense of duty, optimism, compassion and sensitivity to the needs of others.
  • To develop skills of communication and self study.
  • To encourage sense of commitment in students especially for the welfare of the poor, women and rural people.
  • To build an academic community founded on human relationships and co –operation.
    1. Sri A. Rajagopala Reddy (F.A.C)                         ……… 08.02.1985 to 19.08.1985
    1. Sri A. Suryanarayana                                           ……… 20.08.1985 to 28.11.1986
    1. Sri Ch. Subrahmanya sarma                              ………   29.11.1986 to 03.07.1990
    1. Sri D. Radhakrishna Murthi                                ………  01.08.1990 to 14.12.1993

                                                                                                     ……….  15.03.1994 to 31.08.1994

            5. Sri K. Sudhakar (F.A.C.)                                       ………..  15.12.1993 to 14.03.1994

                                                                                                   ……….    01.09.1994 to 06.04.1995

                                                                                                  ………..   18.09.1996 to 17.12.1996

           6. Sri B.S.K.L Satyanarayana                                 ……….    07.04.1995 to 17.09.1996

                                                                                                  ……….   .18.12.1996 to 11.02.1997

                                                                                                  ………… 10.11.1997 to 31.12.1997

         7. Sri Ch. Narayana Murthy (F.A.C.)                         ……….. 12.08.1997 to 09.11.1997

                                                                                                 ……….  01.09.1998 to 06.12.1998

          8. Sri L. S. Ravindra Babu (F.A.C.)                          ………..  07.12.1998 to 31.08.2000

          9. Sri K. Sudhakar (F.A.C.)                                       ………. .  01.09.2000 to 08.07.2001

         10. Sri Dr. R. Sridhara Rao                                       ………… 09.07.2001 to 22.09.2004

        11. Sri B. Ramaiah (F.A.C.)                                         …………  13.03.2004 to 22.09.2004

        12. Sri C.M.S. Gurunadha Rao                                   ………...    23.09.2004 to 31.12.2005

        13. Sri B. Ramaiah (F.A.C.)                                         …………  01.02.2006 to 31.01.2007

        14. Sri P. Sambasiva Rao (F.A.C.)                           ………...   01.02.2007 to 24.04.2007

      15. Sri K.J.J. Prabhakara Rao                                   ……….. 25.04.2007 to 31.12.2007

      16. Sri N. Venkateswarlu (F.A.C.)                              ……….. 01.01.2008 to 06.07.2008

      17. Sri C. Vijaya Babu                                                  ……….. 07.07.2008 to 04.11.2009

      18.  Dr. K.P.R. Seshagiri Rao                                     ……….. 08.12.2009 to 31.01.2013     

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